Ernie Mellegers
"Don't start me talking, I'll tell you everything I know" (S.B. Williamson)
Machines for living

Machines for living



Le Corbusier stated that the house should be a machine for living. The design of spaces in a house should be approached the same way you would approach the design of a car or the design of the urban space in which the car moves.

So when looking for a house (or apartment) that was designed with this theory in mind we almost naturally came upon the building type of the "woonhotel" or hotel for living, of which quite a few were build in The Hague in the early 20th century.

First I lived in Nirwana, build by Duiker en Wiebenga between 1921-1927 before moving to the first "woonhotel" in the Netherlands Huize Boschzicht (Verschoor, 1917-1921).

Both apartment buildings were starkly modern in their period and internationally acclaimed. Apart from their modern exterior and extremely well designed floor plans they boasted a host of services like restaurants, staff, food lifts in each apartment and in Nirwana even a central hoovering installation was planned.