Ernie Mellegers
"Don't start me talking, I'll tell you everything I know" (S.B. Williamson)
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Ernie's Recycled Bike Factory


After spending 10 seasons on a bike as Regional Director and guide at Butterfield and Robinson, a Canadian bike travel specialist, I was definitely infected with a bike-bug. 

During those travels the combination of showing travelers the countries I love, telling them all about it (I think some of their ears are still ringing) and taking care of their bikes and transport proved to me an almost ideal way to spend my summers.

Ever since these trips, my fascination with cars has been shared with a fascination for (old) bikes. The techniques used were developed slightly before those of the car, and the same as for the car, they still apply almost unchanged today.

Recycling old bike parts to make new, classic, bikes has become a good way to unwind from teaching and writing. It relaxes the mind! And with the changing world and environmental uncertainty we live in, biking is still probably the most environmentally friendly way of transport!

The slogan at B&R was: I (think the best way to see the world is to) bike...and I think the best way to see architecture is to bike though a city.